Ivanhoe Library is proud to host a book launch for Russell Beedles, author of  A Tribe of Angels, on Monday 20 September from 7.00pm till 8.00pm.

A Tribe of Angels is an evocation of daily life in Melbourne during the 1940s and 1950s. In this autobiographical memoir, Russell Beedles shifts perspective from that of a child growing up in the suburb of Ivanhoe, to that of an adolescent in the choir of St.Paul's Cathedral, and then as a young adult at Melbourne University. The changes of voice in each section, written at a different level of sophistication, suggest the shifting impressions of a young person gradually developing in maturity and understanding.

The wealth of detail in this personal account, together with the ability to evoke a sense of place and the shifts and changes in attitudes and social conventions throughout this period, give his narrative a liveliness which is engaging.

The inclusion of over 120 images (mainly photographs) offers a lively and immediate engagement with the people and the period, while the comprehensive index ensures that this will be a most useful reference for study and research by scholars, as well as for the general reader.

255 Upper Heidelberg Road
Ivanhoe 3079
To enquire or book, phone: 9497 5780

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