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For those of you who missed getting into the Eltham library last week to hear Toni Jordan and Kate Holden in conversation with Jane Sullivan, I have to say, 'What a shame.' We were treated to a lively conversation about writing and writers and the perceptions of writing about sex in fiction and memoir. What a treat it was to have these three great women in to chat about their books (thanks to Eltham Bookshop).  
So, next time you hear about these events, you really should try to get to them because it's a great way to get an insight into the making of a book and also to be involved in the discussions that arise from them. That's what's so great about books. They create discussion and help us make sense of the world. If you think that reading and writing are isolated pass-times, you should come into the library and see how wrong that idea is.

Watsonia Library is celebrating a year of writing (discussion and ideas) with their Christmas Celebration this Thursday.  Members of Writers@Watsonia will enjoy some Christmas cheer with an open mic event. All visitors are welcome, so if you'd like to see what happens at this group, please come along.

Watsonia Library
Ibbotson Street, Watsonia
Thursday 18 November
6.30pm - 8.30pm


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